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Petersfield Heath, covering some 95 acres, has been used by humans since ancient times and is the site of a group of 21 Bronze Age barrows (or burial mounds) - one of the most complex in southern England. During the Middle Ages the Heath was grazed common land and, indeed, photographs show that grazing continued until the late 1920's. In 1890 a large area was developed as a golf course, which continued to be used for more than 100 years.

The Friends of Petersfield Heath were formed in 1999 from local residents concerned about the future of the Heath, following the departure of the Golf Club. Our principal objective is to preserve Petersfield Heath as an area of natural heathland, grassland, woodland and water for the enjoyment of all who use it. In the ten years since the group's formation, we have achieved a great deal of conservation work. In May 2009 The Petersfield Society awarded us a Certificate of Merit for hedging and other work around the Heath.


Welcome to our Spring 2009 Newsletter, and my sincere thanks to all our contributors.

The recent news about the Western Weald’s inclusion in the South Downs National Park is very welcome – although it has taken sixty years for the Park to become a reality.



Petersfield Health is an area of public land that has much to offer everyone, from bird watching, dog walking and picnicking to cricket, boating and fishing.

The gallery is a collection of images throughout the seasons.

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Work Parties

Work parties are organised from late September to early April each year and include general clearance and monitoring work as appropriate. Whilst all parties are dependent on weather most work goes ahead as planned.

The best thing to do is come along and watch/participate and enjoy The Heath.

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